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Hon. Adeniyi; The Youth, The Legend and The Myth

Good politicians are not made in laboratories, they are not made with the fusion of molecules or atoms, nor faked. All the good politicians have the same track record, try to cause a systemic change in their neighborhoods, and they move to their states and then the nation at large, they have just one intention, THE NATION.

My first encounter with Hon. Adeniyi is one that still leaves me surprised, I had just won the Best judge in an international debating Championship and he sent a message, *’ You are a gem to the nation, you need mentorship to grow, do you mind picking a role with us?* indeed a man that can perfectly spot boys and turn them into men.

Since I assume office, he was won two awards, one from the Rotary club for his immense contributions to youth development and secondly from the National Association of Fisheries students for his immense contributions to the growth of fisheries and youth empowerment all under the wing of YII.

YII is an organisation that started many years ago with mandates to empower youths, widows and the disabled, I have followed him to different functions and can count by numbers the amount of youth, widows and women he has put a smile on their faces.

The latest appointment for APC National Youth Leader is a good call from a great leader, not only is it deserving but I would recommend him for a national position once Bola Ahmed emerges in 2023. He is a great asset to the country, he has a load of achievements, and experiences and several Facebook posts praising him in the morning speaks volume of his great strides.

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